Five Steps to Get Your Yard Spring Ready

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March 11, 2021

It is time to get your yard ready for the season! Transitions Outdoors encourages all home owners to be sure these 5 steps are taken care of to ensure your space is ready for the warm months to come. Whether handling these to-do's yourself or hiring a landscaping company, be sure all of these items are completed to ensure your outdoor space is set up to flourish and grow this spring and summer!

1. Schedule a Fertlizer Program for the season

Is your fertilizer program scheduled yet? Time is running out! We recommend a 6 application program that our fertilizer techs can help with or you can do on your own!

  • Early Spring Fertilizer & Crab Grass Control (March – May)
  • Late Spring Fertilizer & Weed Control (April – June)
  • Early Summer Fertilizer (May – July)
  • Late Summer Fertilizer (July – September)
  • Early Fall Fertilizer (August – October)
  • Fall Fertilizer/Winterize (October – November)

Transitions team member fertilizing lawn.

2. Spring Clean-Up

It's time for a spring clean-up! All leaves, sticks, incidental garbage, and debris should be removed from your lawn and landscape beds. Leaves and sticks in all flower beds and landscape beds should be blown out and all lawn areas should be cut. Be sure to remove dead perennial foliage and cut back Hydrangea, Hosta, Daylily, and Ornamental Grasses within 6” of the ground if not already done in the fall.

Row of trees and landscaping, clear of debris.

3. Sprinkler Start-Up

Do you have a sprinkler system? It is essential to perform a spring start-up of the irrigation system, including:

  • Interior and exterior turning on water to outside lines
  • Turning on water at stop-box (if necessary)
  • Adjusting controller(s) to your specification or our suggested time
  • Inspecting any winter damage and itemizing necessary repairs

Transitions team member checking irrigation system.

We recommend hiring our technical staff, to ensure your system is running properly. This in turn will help long term damage/costs along with managing your monthly water bill!

4. Seasonal Lawn Cutting

Do you have a seasonal lawn cutting plan? We recommend cutting on a weekly basis along with trimming all bed lines and curbs, weather permitting. To ensure your lawn is healthy and clean, edge all concrete edges on a bi-weekly basis. For a clean look that enhances your curb appeal, blow all clippings from the sidewalks back into the lawn areas. If clippings are present in landscape beds they should be dispersed back into lawn areas appropriately.

Transitions team member cleaning up freshly cut grass clippings

5. Landscape Bed Prep & Mulch Installation

To ensure your Landscape beds are ready for spring plantings, we recommend the following steps:

  • De-Weeding of the landscape bed(s)
  • Edging of the landscape beds
  • Necessary pruning prior to mulch installation
  • Application of granular pre-emergent herbicide for weed control
  • Installation of fresh mulch

Well manicured landscape bed done by the Transitions team.

Do these steps seem like too much? Do you not have time to prep your yard for the spring? We are here to help! Our professionals will work to ensure your outdoor space is ready to enjoy this season!

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